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Incel Party

Incel パーティー

is a political international

The Incel Party is a non-violent, political international devoted to helping all people on the inceldom spectrum find a partner. Incel is short for, and means, "involuntary celibacy", a life condition.



We advocate:
  • Legal government seizure of boomer real-estate to transfer to millenials for free
  • ミレニアル世代に無料で提供する団塊の不動産の法的政府による押収
Real Estate Purchase Agreement Template & Contract Docscreator.jpg
  • Having the government pay femcels and incels to date each other
  • フェムセルとインセルを支払い、お互いにデートする
  • Basic Income for all the poor
  • すべての貧困層の基本収入
  • Legalize suicide and abolish psychiatry
  • 自殺を合法化し、精神医学を廃止する

Combatting Incelphobia

戦闘 Incelphobia


At the Incel Party, we will call out incelphobia, and bring about a new societal appreciation for all the weak men, non-violently.