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Pay femcels and incels to date each other[edit]

Although those born with a penis get 3x the pay. A chicken in every pot and a thot on every cock.

Heterosexual intercourse.jpg

Government seizure of boomer real-estate[edit]

to reassign to millenials for free.

Cordon Search and Seizure DVIDS88073.jpg

A party from Incel Party in government would legally employ its government military to evict boomers if they refuse to co-inhabit with grown millenials. Evictions would not be mandatory if boomers agree to live with the new home owners. We are not trying to just kick Dad out.

A common criticism is that millennials might resell their houses to purchase sex from the pussy cartel or drugs from a drug cartel. Incel Party would establish that millennials may sell habitable houses, but only to other millennials in a 1-1 exchange. So a house must be exchanged for another house plus or minus any money. No millennial can lose their house on the market, in other words.

A monthly government allowance for all the poor[edit]

Of $500 a month starting, and adjusted for inflation each month. This actually isn't so radical, as we already have SSI/SSDI. However, this would decouple the safety net from psychiatry. The allowance would be inflation adjusted per year. It would also be an add-on to existing programs, not a replacement for existing programs. It would be awarded to all those who filed less than 240% the average cost of rent in the county you live in. There will be an increased progressive tax on those who make more than 70k a year to offset inflation from the allowance.

A common criticism is that this may decrease motivation to work. However, with our paying femcels and incels to date each other policy, it is unlikely men would stop working like in countries where men have no romantic prospects.

Legalize polyandrous marriage[edit]

Polyandry means multiple husbands and one wife and is different than polygyny. Polyandry is mathematically better for incels than monogamy. Compared to polyandry, monogamy extremely limits the sexual options incels have. Polyandry would absorb many incels, particularly by polyandrous tomboys. Tomboy polyandry is important.

Polygyny should not be legalized, only polyandry.

Decrease GDP/capita[edit]

This policy is only for wealthy, developed nations. GDP is simply the amount of economic activity going on. Wealthy, developed nations are working way too much and have an enormous surplus of goods. It's possible to decrease GDP without mass poverty, and to focus less on the amount of extra stuff we can produce.

Pro-degrowth graffiti on the July Column in the Place de la Bastille in Paris

Criminal Justice Reform[edit]

Release all non-violent drug offenders immediately. Decrease the sentencing of all non-violent offenders to 3 month or less. Only use jails for those who are a harm to others, not those who are a harm to self. Get rid of reciproctive justice, and move toward non-psychiatric rehabilitation of prisoners. Today's prison system only perpetuates crime unfortunately, it does not stop crime.

Establish open air prisons and allow prisoners to continue their non-hallucinogenic drug addictions in incarceration if they are on safe dosages, and if not taper slowly with the patient's input to a safe dosage. But each jail can provide rehab services voluntarily. Set a 65-73 F mandatory indoor temperature band for all prisons as prisoners have limited means of temperature control. Improve and rigorously enforce nutrition standards for food in jail. Far too many prisoners have died from drug withdrawal, hot weather, and/or poor nutrition. Better stock, train, and employ preventative and emergency medical personell for the inmates.

More Michael Cera movies, but where he is not just shy, but unemployed and living with his parents[edit]

The national socialists were able to convince a buncha Germans that Jews needed to be gassed (against human nature, as gassing is not a natural human drive). Similarly, (but non-violently) we could legally convince women that unemployed men are desirable through hollywood movies. IE men don't need hollywood to adjust our sexual drives, but women do. And it wouldn't be scamming women, but genuinely overriding their nature. Female sexuality is more influenced by social mores than male sexuality.

Abolish Psychiatry[edit]

Get to a goal of 0% prescriptions of all psychotropic drugs not used for chronic physical pain, seizure disorders, supervised addiction management, or limited surgery prescriptions. Keep the medical industry out of everyday mood management (beyond treating those with chronic pain or addictions). Legalize all drugs, provide more scientifically accurate drug education in school, and provide indefinite, low-cost prescriptions for otherwise illegal drugs to those who would be permanently adversely effected by withdrawal. All psychotropic meds would be advertized to doctors as not safe and contra-indicated for any non-physical-pain or addicted mental state.

For violent psychosis, geographic containment (bordering off the person) and non-electrical and non-drug physical restraint should be used. Should be used after all other option have been exhausted, no drugs. For intolerable non-pain mental states, OTC anti-allergy drugs should be encouraged instead of opioids, but should not be marketed or prescribed by a doctor for this purpose. Parental, doctor, employer, therapist, or teacher pressure to take psychotropic drugs would be a heavily punishable crime. Allow anyone currently hooked on the above meds would be allowed to get prescriptions the rest of their lives. Antipsychotics may still be taken, but only voluntarily. Eliminate forced drugging in general and involuntary psychiatric commitment. Improve on the flagship university program in Norway, where they treat the severely psychotic without drugs in voluntary inpatient units, see

This would effectively solve a large portion of our nation's addiction problems as well, as so many psychotropic addictions come out following the instructions of doctors.

State Mandated Femdom Girlfriends[edit]

State mandated femdom girlfriends for all people of color. No they won't be paid.

Make Anime Great Again[edit]

Make all anime real life immediately with absolutely no exceptions.
We will seize the portal to imagination land the government has and bring all the anime girl to our reality.
Emiko Yasuhiro with Rabbit Ears.png

Legalize and subsidize brothels[edit]

And make them sliding scale pay, down to $0 for those that make less than $500/month.

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